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Introduction to the Party Branch of Xinguo Group

The party branch of Xinguo Group Co., Ltd. was established in June 2008. The branch committee consists of three people, one secretary, one discipline inspection member, and one organization publicity member. There are 19 party members.

The branch aims to build a standardized and standardized party branch, and focuses on position construction, system construction, organization construction, and ideological construction, and closely focuses on "political discipline, scientific and technological innovation, pioneering, quality culture, and social return." ", to build the "Xinhuo Pioneer" party building brand.

Adhere to the combination of the "three meetings and one lesson" system with regular corporate meetings, and skillfully use the "learning to strengthen the country" platform, "red e-home" and micro-party courses to enrich the theoretical learning form of party members.

Establish a corporate talent pool, allocate special funds for employee academic education and skills training, carry out skills competitions, safety knowledge training and competitions and other activities to build a platform for employee growth. The company has cultivated more than 20 professional and technical personnel and obtained 33 national patents.

Actively implement the party branch construction and improvement action, and allocate special funds for publicity gardens, party member learning, corporate culture construction, epidemic prevention and control publicity, party members learning rewards, etc. There is a party building column on the group portal website to release information on branch activities in a timely manner.

It has perfected the party member activity room, party and mass activity center, staff library and other activity places, organized employees to carry out various themed activities such as safety production and festival celebrations, enriched the corporate culture and its connotation, and improved the combat effectiveness and cohesion of the party branch.

Since the establishment of this branch, it has been rated as an advanced grass-roots party branch by the Chuzhou High-tech Zone for many years, and won the provincial "double strong and six good" non-public enterprise party organization, Chuzhou City Civilized Unit, Tianchang City Five-star party branch and other honors.