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The inspection team of non-public party building work in Chuzhou city came to Xinguo to guide the work

At about 10 am on May 19, the fourth inspection team of non-public party building work led by Wang Fei, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Chuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, came to Xinguo Group.

After getting out of the car, after a brief introduction of the characters, a series of questions were thrown at Zhao Yongding, secretary of the party branch of Xinguo Group. What are your responsibilities as branch secretary? Has your branch recruited party members this year? How far have they developed? How are branch members divided? What is the standard of "double strong and six good"? In what year was your branch awarded this honor? How many training sessions have you attended this year? How many days? In the face of the leaders' questions, Secretary Zhao answered them one by one...


Entering the lobby of the office building, the members of the inspection team were attracted by the corporate culture of Xinguo Group, and stopped to check the vivid pictures, reflecting the solidity and penetration of Xinguo Group's work of "honesty is based on Xinguo".


Look and check, check and ask, look at every small link, take out your glasses to determine whether the activity is real or not, and whether the photos are obtained from PS.


Real gold is not afraid of fire, and the fourth inspection team gave a satisfactory evaluation of the work carried out by the party building of Xinguo Group.


The inspection method of "Four Nos and Two Straights" will further encourage the party branch of Xinguo Group to better play the role of the party branch in the enterprise under the leadership of the party organization of the Chuzhou High-tech Zone.