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High temperature and high pressure thermocouple for power station

High temperature and high pressure thermocouple (thermal resistance), its integral drilling protect
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High temperature and high pressure thermocouple (thermal resistance), its integral drilling protection sleeve is fixed and sealed with the main equipment by welding, which can be used to measure the steam or water temperature of the power plant pipeline. According to the difference in pressure, temperature and flow rate used, there are two corresponding structures and installation methods for users to choose. This thermocouple (thermal resistance) adopts a separate protective tube structure, elastically pressing the measuring element, and is equipped with an aluminum waterproof junction box.

It has the following characteristics:

1 All armored components are used, which are compressive and shock-resistant, have strong stability and long service life;

2 The bottom of the armored element and the protective tube are elastic compression structure, which shortens the thermal response time and further improves the shock resistance;

3. Large cavity junction box and novel wiring device make wiring convenient and reliable;

4 The subject and the protection tube are separated structures, which can quickly replace the temperature measuring elements without stopping;

5. The overall protection tube processed with deep blind holes has uniform end wall thickness, no welding stress and intergranular corrosion hidden danger, pressure resistance, impact resistance, reliable use and long life, which can ensure the safe operation of the unit;

6 The overall drawn 650-degree high-temperature armored platinum resistance element, its vibration resistance and temperature measurement upper limit can meet the high-precision and high-reliability main steam temperature measurement of large-scale units.